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Developing Solutions for the Next Generation of Veteran Care

The care of our Nations Veterans is one of our most important responsibilities and day after day, hundreds of thousands of men and women carry out this honorable task. In the last decade, these same individuals have become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of Veterans who require their services. The VA has worked tirelessly to incorporate new technologies and practices to help alleviate this strain while simultaneously providing excellent health services.

VA Healthcare 2018 is specifically designed to bring together leaders within the VA together from across the nation to discuss best practices, new technologies and facilities, as well as to discuss challenges and opportunities for the future.

Meet industry leaders offering cutting edge innovation, and network with other professionals to explore refining best practices in a collaborative environment. VA Healthcare 2018 will offer you professional growth with our CME certified sessions in addition to directly contributing to the well being of our veterans who have sacrificed for our country.

Note: Although the subject matter of this IDGA conference relates to VA healthcare, this is non-VA event. IDGA is solely responsible for its content and neither the Department of Veterans Affairs nor any of its components (VHA, VBA) have sponsored or endorsed this event or IDGA.

Topics covered during the conference include: 

  • Alternative/Complementary Medicine for Veterans
  • PTSD, Invisible Wounds and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Alternative Coverage Options
  • Developments in Women’s Care
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Telehealth Options
  • Addressing the Nursing Shortage
  • Advances in Prosthetics
  • How to Manage Your Claim
  • And more!






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New Vision - One Amazing Event!

Some topics need more than 45 minutes. Come listen to the top three topics of the events; Substance Abuse, Patient Experience, and Acquisition Updates. All broken out into more detail and with more information.
Listen to leadership within the VA discuss the future of healthcare and benefit delivery for our Nations Veterans in order to understand the strategic goals within the VA.
These sessions give you the option to choice your session. Create an agenda that is customized to what is most important to you, whether your interest in Clinical Care or Information Technology Related!
Discover a dedicated VA space within the Exhibit Hall to help you facilitate more conversations with those who matter most. More information available on page 5.
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