May 14-17, 2018
Washington D.C.


Over the last few years, the VA has been working tirelessly to completely restructure their organization to increase efficiency and capacity, improve upon the level of quality in available care. While significant progress has been made, there is great deal of work that still remains.

As a result, VA Healthcare 2017 will gather senior veteran healthcare officials and solution providers alike in order to discuss the latest developments, technologies, and strategies necessary to strengthen the VA Health Care system.


Streamline your sales and marketing efforts

Streamline your sales and marketing efforts by gaining access to stakeholders across the Veterans Affairs under one roof, at one time!

Position your value and brand superiority above competitors

Position your value and brand superiority above competitors in the marketplace through persistent brand recognition and reinforcement.

ensure your capabilities are front-of-mind.

Strategically network with our high-level speaker faculty and VIP guests to ensure your capabilities are front-of-mind.

Leverage an intimate atmosphere to discuss

Leverage an intimate atmosphere to discuss your value proposition through a thought leadership presentation, reserved for select providers.

Leverage an intimate atmosphere to discuss

Align your objectives with a completely tailor-made sponsorship package in order to maximize your company's exposure.


Building upon our past success, we are implementing a strategic VIP guesting campaign to ensure all of the relevant groups within the Veterans Affairs are represented. Below is a sample of past attendees and those you may expect to meet this year:



U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.




Air Force Medical Service.


Navy Medical Corps.


U.S. Department of Health and Human Sciences.


Warrior Transition Command.




Out Patient Clinics.


U.S. Army Medical Command.


VA San Diego Healthcare System.


VA San Antonio Healthcare System.


Walter Reed National Military Medical Center ...and more!.

Job Titles:




Chief Clinical Officer.


Chief Medical Officer.


Nursing Officer.


Patient Safety Officer.


Telehealth Program Director.


Program Manager


Chief, Prosthetic and Sensory Aid Services


Patient Centered Care Directors


Chaplain Service




Commanding General




Women's Veterans Care Director


Technician ...and more!


This event will offer an unprecedented opportunity for solution providers that specialize in...




Health Informatics


Orthopedic Systems




Behavior Health


Women's Specific Care


Patient Safety


Administrative Solutions




Information Technology


Lean Six Sigma Consultants


Queuing Theory


Mental Healthcare


...and more!


We offer a variety of opportunities to ensure your group is receiving the necessary exposure with this high level audience. Our Sponsorship Prospectus outlines some of these opportunities, but there are a variety of other options we'd be happy to discuss with your group. Give us a call at +1-646-378-6022 to discuss what you're trying to achieve and we'll outline some of the options and work on tailoring a package to the needs of your group. 

Dionne Vaz
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